What kind of site that i should made with this domain?? need suggestion please..


Dec 3, 2008
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I bought domain easyto.us what site that i should made with that domain..? any suggestion please..??
"I bought a 135sqm office space on Great Portland Street. What sort of business should I build on it?" is almost as specific question as the above ;)

On a more serious note, I suggest you to look into several ideas/methods discussed on this forum and choose to go with the one that you think you would be the most successful with. Nobody is going to hand you a business plan on a silver platter.

As for the domain - it's so generic that it's very hard to suggest any specific niches for it to be used.
Honestly, you should just let it drop. Get a domain with keywords that might have SEO value or a domain with resale value.
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