What kind of results do you gain from link wheels?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Alex Brooks, Nov 24, 2009.

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    I've been building 6-12 spoke link wheels recently, but I've recently been getting into the whole website game at the moment, can't be asked with the constant changes with C/L type stuff and I hate ewhoring now; so moved onto SEO to see what else I can learn and what it can do for me, anyway I've got the basics down and I'm happy, but I'm going to start build link wheels and I need some advice.

    I'm planning on using very large scale wheels, 40-50 websites in total, instead of the usual 6/12/18 wheels; Although I only wish to use a few web 2.0 websites, will this effect anything? For example:
    blog.com -> wordpress.com -> weebly.com -> wordpress.com -> blog.com

    I understand that many people go with stuff like:
    blog.com -> wordpress.com -> weebly.com -> hubpages.com -> squidoo.com

    Is there infact any risk of using the same domain for my websites? I currently have 2 links to my 'money site' and 1 link to a exteneral website (Another spoke) - I'm currently targeting the same keyword for each wheel, but I'm thinking about targetting a core keyword, along with a long-tail keyword in the same website, so instead of just ranking for one keyword, I'd be boosting myself in 2 keywords, does this work? Anyone else tired it?

    I haven't come across any other topics which ask these questions or have answers to them, but I am seriously considering spending a few days building up around 150 web 2.0 websites, then linking them all together and ranking for some new keywords, but I want to know if my ideas above, which will save me a lot of time and hassle, will work? Logically, they will, but is there any sort of down-side?

    Discuss. :)
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    I don't see any sort of down-site, just be sure not to use the same linkwheel configuration each and every time, you don't want to leave a footprint for google.