What kind of freelancing work do you guys do?

selling backlinks, content writing, seo consultancy and keyword research :)
Where do you get clients from? I have tried Upwork, ,Fiverr and similar sites. I also looked for clients on BHW on HAF section but I got like 1 or 2 clients. How can you do this at a large scale or say on a continuous basis?
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Never thought about that before. How that worked out for you?

It was alright, though I only did it a couple of times.

The first gig was done more as a favor and I did it for less than pennies.

I ended up owing the guy 30 entries, but by then I had already submitted 270 descriptions.
upwork is a good place to start. Usually there are not many cheap people, and if you do a really good job, you will get some really good clients.
I tried Upwork but I didn't get any clients. Am I doing someting wrong?
no one gives detailed information bro

there is no recipe for success, you need to try and keep trying until someone notices you and hires you. The best advice is to never stop and give up. Do your research, find a niche that suits you and build your profile around it.
well, every beginning is hard. I needed two months and countless applications until I got my first job there.
Oh, now I see. I will try sending proposals until I get the client. Let's see how long it takes. I will reply you here once I get the client. Wish me luck. xD
I have my own IPTV service, charge people a monthly fee to watch whatever they want. Streaming Services are expensive and we do it for much less
Freelancers enter contracts with clients, companies, or agencies that require their services. The work specifics can range from article and essay writing to copywriting and photography. However, freelancers can also work with companies that sell their services and acquire jobs for them.
Can you expand on it please ? Where do you get your orders/gigd from ?
I recently shared some guides about Reddit NSFW on different forums. Following that, I received messages from individuals interested in hiring me to oversee their subreddit in exchange for payment.
Do you meet with the girls for fun?
Nope haha
Just curious what kind of freelancing work do you guys do?
Any suggestion for those who has little knowleage about online marketing and programming.
I used to do graphic designing but AI has affected my work a lot now.
Content writing sparingly.

Wrote about 10k seo articles in a few years just to have some money.

But I wasn't looking for good clients and any business relations, so fuck that.

Affiliate marketing makes way better money if you don't have clients. Basically in freelancing you need business clients and these aren't so easy to get as normal clients / normal web traffic.
How do you get new clients for content writing now when everyone is using AI?
Content writing took a serious hit after all these AI writers came.
AI like ChatGPT are notorious for getting things wrong. If I used ChatGPT or something like it, all my facts would be incorrect. I would like to add that ChatGPT has only become worse as time goes by. I can show several instances where it gave fantasy facts instead of correct facts. The moral of this reply; if people are paying for cheap AI generated content, they will get what they paid for.... garbage.
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