What kind of freelancing work do you guys do?

A couple years back I wrote adult video descriptions for some guy's tube site.

Title + 300 word description
From Python scripting, all the way to software dev! doing something else (small niche) that can get me xxxxxx$ per project
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selling backlinks, content writing, seo consultancy and keyword research :)
Content writing sparingly.

Wrote about 10k seo articles in a few years just to have some money.

But I wasn't looking for good clients and any business relations, so fuck that.

Affiliate marketing makes way better money if you don't have clients. Basically in freelancing you need business clients and these aren't so easy to get as normal clients / normal web traffic.
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I'm a writer for a couple of YouTube channels. I have been working for the same guy for the last 6.5 years. I'm paid a salary of $1000 and produce around 3 scripts a month, plus I am an editor for other writers, do quality control, write video titles, etc. It's just one gig. I have plenty of time for others. I will say without much ego that I am one of the best script writers on YouTube. It took some time to learn, but I have the highest viewer retention of all the writers that work for us. That is because I am a master of the English language and understand how to keep someone watching using 'hooks' and transistioning into another topic. My point being, if your audience is the USA, then you need to have good English and decent writing skills.
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