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What kind of blog posts do your local clients do?

Discussion in 'Local SEO' started by macdonjo3, May 24, 2016.

  1. macdonjo3

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    Nov 8, 2009
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    I started a blog on a company's website. The first article was a 1700 word article and it got some attention on social media.

    The business created 2 short blog posts sent. One of about 75 words that has images of a local appearance at the company's property. The other post was shorter, and it was just about temporary office hours.

    Would you get your clients to delete these 2 small blog posts and get them to keep the content longer? Or as long as it's relevant, helpful and getting read, keep it?

    The only reason I don't like it is because the big guides that I write will just get pushed down further and get less eyeballs.
  2. Reaver

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    Aug 6, 2015
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    You can suggest that they separate their posts into a section called "News" or "Local News" on their website. Most websites call it "Media." Hell, put together a media kit for them and make it look all official. That way you get paid extra for another project, and they don't feel like you're telling them they're doing it wrong.