What kind of backlinks are these!?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by ameristyles, Nov 15, 2013.

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    So I've been analyzing backlinks from the top competitor in my niche (fairly new site built in 2013 with about 20 do-follow links) and they have some backlinks that I'm having trouble identifying the source. The backlinks are coming from sites like "example-dui-lawyer.com" and other completely unrelated sites considering they are in the health niche. When I go to the homepage of these type of sites, they all appear to have a PR of 0 (according to seo quake) and an article relating to their website with a link in it. So this "lawyer" site (and the other one's as well) are simply a wordpress site that just have a homepage and 1-2 articles about the health niche with a few links pointing back to my competitors site. When I look up this lawyer site on whois the site "status" is "inactive" and the traffic trend from the last month is way down compared to being trending upwards from the 3 previous months. Furthermore, if i look into the websites previous history, the most recent capture I can get is one from way back in 2010 and when I view it, it use to be an actual lawyer website.<br><br>I realize that the article about the health niche pointing back to my competitors site would probably be considering a "contextual link" but the real question is what is the source and how did they get it? I also don't understand how these links are giving them so much juice since they appear to be PR0. I'm fairly new to the SEO world but have been lots of reading the last few months and this definitely has me curious. Is it possible these sites were purchased by the competitor in attempt to build their own high PR/blog network (which doesn't make sense to me since they don't appear to have PR) or that these links are somehow hacked?<br><br>I'm a beginner here trying to learn the ropes...any insight that can be offered into this will be greatly appreciate!
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    Yes that will be links from somebodies blog network.

    Don't worry about the PR, it hasn't been updated for a long time and maybe never will again.

    Run the backlinks through Open Site Explorer and you will probably find they have high domain and page authority.

    This person would have purchased those sites for that reason and used them to link build money sites.