What keywords to target


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Dec 30, 2007
Well... I started my funny media blog (link in my signature) and as this will contain very little text per post it will need many off-page SEO.

So, I was wondering what keywords I should target (make an anchor text) for best results...

For example
funny videos
funny images
funny blog

Which one do you think would be best to target?

Which of those words has the least competition? That's where you start. Small niche and work your way up.
Those are all high competitive keywords. You would be better off starting out with more long tail keywords like "funny video clips" "really funny videos", Things like that.
I was gonna start with funny media blog... doesn't seem to be much competition there... I even have categories set as subdomains.. I can work on each subdomain individually I guess..

Well.. thanks for your input guys.
funny media blog may not have much competition, but it doesnt exactly have any searches either....a quick check of the google keyword tool shows 'no data' which means its probably under 100 uniques a month....thats less than 3.3 searches a day

good keywords are a balance of searches and competition....find something that has atleast a steady 100 a month imo and work up from there....you might hit #1 only to find yo uget NO visitors and end up discouraged
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