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What is your YT ratio ?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by catardat, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. catardat

    catardat Senior Member

    Jul 23, 2008
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    Hey, I am getting very nervous here. I made some world of warcraft guides and the only way I promote my site is via YT. I have 300/visits per day and sometimes not even one sale :( this is very bad considering I sell them with less than 10 bucks each. I wanted to ask you if this is normal, I sold these on eGay and there everything was good ($20-$50/day) but I got banned , but there people go on the website to buy something. I have 200 vids up watermarked ,link in description and out of keywords. Do you think I can pull more traffic from YT ?
  2. Siek

    Siek Regular Member

    Feb 4, 2008
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    seems like your doing it right - but YT is a hard market to SELL guides cause they are looking for entertainment - wow pllayers are more geared towards teens that well dun have much money.. lol You got the traffic generation down.. you could try monetizing a diff way
  3. blackhit

    blackhit Super Moderator Staff Member Jr. VIP Premium Member

    Jan 28, 2008
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    Dark Side Of The Moon
    1.) Take like the 1st three chapters from your ebook and create a new free giveaway ebook from it with a link to a salespage in it. This is a copy of your original salespage with the $10 ebook.
    Only on this page the book is $8.

    Create an offer, i.e. if ordered from the book they get your original full book for 8 bucks.

    2.) DonĀ“t just give the book away. Add value to it in making your visitors do something for it.

    Add a CPA to your $10 salespage. After submitting they will get the 3 chapter book for free.

    Your visitors now have two choices. Buy the book for 10 bucks or leave their email/zip and get a free ebook.

    If your book is good, readers might get interested in getting the complete ebook. Not only that, they get a 2 dollar discount!!

    Your not "losing" $2 on these buyers cause you made money from them with the CPA and a good CPA could make you more than these $2.
  4. shudogg

    shudogg Regular Member

    Sep 23, 2008
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    Internet Marketing
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    when targeting kids, stay with freebies like zip and email submits. "Enter your email to claim your free xbox!". Stuff like that.