What is Your WHY? What Fulfills you? For the experienced marketers among us!

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    I'm asking this question for the experienced marketers in this forum because they would probably understand me, anyway, beginners are welcomed :) it's a bit longer than usual post so...

    My situation is that I'm kinda searching myself in life now and so in the internet marketing field and somehow I'm feeling that the experienced marketers would understand me.
    I'm 20, I started my IM career like 3 years ago and owned 2 successful affiliate websites making me like $5000 / Month. When I started, my goal was money but I kinda enjoyed do this and I don't really remember why... maybe it was all for the money but I'm not sure because I spent like 14 hours a day working on this so I probably didn't hate it.
    2 years ago I had to stop my business due to personal reason and when I came back year later I started a Shopify store .. e-commerce and FB ads (There's a big hype around this now). I really made BIG BUCKS from this (some days even $1k/day) , yet, it wasn't sustainable business.. more like, banking and pass to other trends of products. After some time I really felt that I'm working without any purpose or meaning. It was really depressing (Still, I was making really good money but my motivation went down). Long story short: I cut this down and closed all my stores.
    Now I'm searching myself in the Internet marketing world.. I don't really need money it's not a motivation any more.. I'm looking for something MEANINGFUL AND PURPOSEFUL to do!
    I'm finding myself pondering if all the love that I had for this field was only for the money :/ and can't remember what motivated me 2 years ago. Can't remember what I loved about this! (I really LOVED it)
    Even when, back then, my affiliate website didn't provide real value. It was a niche site that I wasn't passioned about its topic (Bought "easy keywords" and ranked them). I outsourced it without even checking if the content was true. But I really loved something in there that kicked my ass up in the morning and got me hustling. Now I'm kinda depressed trying to find some meaning in the Internet marketing world.
    So I wanted to ask you . Can you understand me? For those that have more experience than me and you probably thought about this in the past, since you are doing it pretty long time and maybe full-time:
    What is your opinion? What meaning and purpose are you finding doing this? What make you FULLFILD? Is it all money??
    also curious about your specific passion if you don't mind to share, what is it? What are you loving in this that keeps you motivated and fire you up? What the exact thing are you love in all this business?

    Sorry for all the boring questions! Will be glad to hear your opinion!
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    I do it because a real job would kill my spirit.

    FYI, this belongs in the lounge.
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    Do some charity work. Do you have local charities that could use a website etc. I have built sites for charities for free, good karma.
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    Cant imaging having a "normal" job.

    Plus I LOVE seeing green arrows, my doctor doesn't know whats wrong with me.