What is your favourite game.ever?

GTA is pretty fun to play, doesn't matter which, as long as they have multiplayer (online) available

I love creating tools for it, like map editor, script compiler etc

I want to remake it fully.
But it's long time process.
I hope R* releases its source code one day
Nice bump and a grim reminder that the fish got battered.

Maybe it is a human now.

I'm addicted to playing with people. That's a nice game.

I like to play with jobs and ventures too.

Basically solving problems and becoming stronger funny games.

I can't say what online game was that engaging. I think they lose magic too quickly. Flat screens aren't very engaging.

I prefer realistic reality since about a decade.

What I like is GTA 4. I liked saint's row 2 but it was too fantastic for me.

What remains of Edith Finch was crazy good.

Intrigue I found in game called 12 minutes. The ending wasn't fascinating.

Need for speed carbon and pro street were my favorite games.

If I could have a car off these games, I'd be interested in cars.

League of legends was a dopamine fuckfest. I would play like crazy for a week and wake up feeling dead. This game is dangerous. I wasted majority of time on that game. It hooks you in this elo system and destroys your self esteem as you always fail to get higher rank. That's because I was vulnerable.
Nice bump and a grim reminder that the fish got battered.

Why was he banned? can you say?


It's hard to say my favorite game, I'm always playing and changing games regularly, sometimes I pick up a game and play it for a long time and then when I get bored I abandon it
On Steam, the game I have played the most hours is Paladins, I also have a lot of hours of Overwatch 1 and 2 even before it went to Steam


At epic games the game I played the most was a card game called "legends of runeterra", I really liked pvp but apparently it wasn't making much profit for the dev, so they decided to cut pvp and leave the game just pve, so I decided abandon the game


Both are free to play and I spent very little money on them for the hours of fun they gave me
I don't want games. It feels like depression.

Weed games weed games weed games. Oh no.
I feel like games lack TACTILE SENSATIONS. AND AROMA.

That shit would bring more than dopamine.

It would bring oxytocin.

Fake computer hands with material of your choice would touch you. AAAA!!

Now that shit would be addictive!

Fully automated computer pleasure on all neurotransmitters.

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