what is top suggestion Recommendation Laptop for IM?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by explortrade56, May 5, 2010.

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    pissed i bought a sony vaio, and when i just got everything right, money, investment, tools, lot of homework done from beeing here on blackhat world. and videos and all that. then i found out the laptop i got don't have sound :(.

    sony vaio sz 330P. then the window 7 expired in 1 week. then i got xp off a torrent, then the battery died, then i ordered a new battery. is it just me or things like this happen when u on the serious focus??? anyway it didn't stop me. i will reboot this laptop , and buy the actual sony vaio sz 330p xp installation cd. because this pirate version won't allow my screen to be full, the display setting is fucked up.

    so anyway ama get to the point, i was wondering what is your suggestions for the Top Laptops in IM. as far as functionality and durability and everything.

    i will try to make sure i have a minimum of 3 laptops at all times.

    i've managed to stablize my internet n cell phone bill constantly on the regular now :) atleast i know the wheels are rolling. plus i've $500 bucks sitting right now for some serious outsourcing and advertising costs and all sorts of things.

    i ain't gon lie i've never had so many failures in my life, but then again i've never seen a great industry as online marketing.

    a guy came to my place a excutive of pre-paid legual, boasting how their company is 37 years old and they're about to hit the 1 billion level soon, i almost wanted to laugh. i politely rejected them, and didn't mention how online marketing is more than 60 billion industry yearly, and is prolly less than 15 years old. ok i stop ranting here.
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    i don't think the laptop doesn't have sound, maybe it doesn't have drivers or the speakers are muted

    got a dell too ... works fine... thinking of a second lcd
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    Got an HP Envy 15, i7 processory, 8GB ram and it runs great with a bunch of bots and other things running in various virtual machines.

    Looks awesome too, but must admit gets ridiculously hot and is pretty noisy...
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    Prob the same as yours
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    im a dell fan. i think i bought about 8 of their sale units (like 499) a while back and had 3 other higher end units and never had a problem.

    i bought a HP from wally world WIN7 3g ram, 260hd for <$300 and works great so far, knock on wood. but i also bought an Xbox at the same time for 100 off put the xbox on ebay so recoup some of this laptop money and ended up paying <$200 total for a brand new laptop that does anything but gaming.
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    I have sold more than 1000 laptops on egay. Get an IBM (Lenovo), I had never had a return on these.

    I use them now and have been using them or the the past 7 years, no issues, always run. I always do a fresh install no crapware. I also owned dell, panasonic, acer, msi, asus