What is this? people make thousands HQ links with 1 click?

Oct 2, 2022
I found this http://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/32fcfbf3194f24e63c45b980b200f0740d7940e243427113db189f153a0e4226/details

contained within thousands of other links, like free sign-up blogs. I don't think they sign up manually; they must be using a tool.

Do you know what tool they use?
but i check the DA is 50 - 70 . why not called HQ links?
DA, DR, Bla Bla Bla are just 3rd party SEO metrics which can be easily inflated.
These are good starting point but not the sole signals that those web properties are HQ and authority.

You can go to SEO service marketplace and invest a few 100 bucks to become that kind of HQ web property yourself.

When you check these metrics do check the traffic metrics across different tools too.
Apart from that checking number of unique referring domains, the quality of links, anchors, wayback history can also help.

Simple formula for a HQ authority web property:
Should look natural in terms of design and content.
Low OBL.
Plenty of high-ranking competitive keywords in SERP results.
Good organic traffic estimate across multiple SEO tools.
Good brand presence can also add to this list optionally.
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