What is the reason for major correction in crypto prices today?

I don't believe that it's all fault of this ''war'' stuff (it seems not even Israel vs Iran will be a direct active war, at least for now... and people talking about WW3? Come on...)

Friday, the day before yesterday, US Inflation numbers were the cause of a minor dump as well

Maybe fear about a supposed war + US inflation + halving in a few days + no correction for months...lots of combined reasons
People being easily manipulated by this WW3 fear
They're watching too much conspiracy youtube channels
Now whales can buy the dip thanks to those panic sellers
There is a very clear correction in crypto prices today with altcoins dropping as much as 30% . What coin caused this?
Well as far as my knowledge we are in correction mode in smaller time wave & where price need to retest multiple time same level in a range or in a channel so pretty normal because we are bullish on the bigger time frame however other major events leading the market to more and more volatile
It's a small shake before halving just a fake dump, After halving it will go down more because people now thinking after halving it will explode you they never know whales are making the charts. another dump is coming and then only pump
they never know whales are making the charts. Another dump is coming and then only the pump

Retailers like you and I always think the opposite of big players this is the only reason Whales know exactly how to play with retailer physiology... 90% of the market acts opposite of what retailers think it will most likely happen but in actually, the story is completely different
War War War. But I think it’s just an excuse for the big player to manipulate the market and shake off some people before the final pump
True. They don't need a reason to reverse the markets. Either way, they're the ones getting rich.
all changes that are happening in world, war and maybe the restrictions they are puting in so many countries for trading are hitting hard right now.
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