What is the point of becoming a millionair if you are already financially stable?

Being financially stable doesn't mean you have access to the finest things and experiences in life as in not having complete freedom to do as you like.
I have thought of this very often. My nickname explains my goal in life: For the legacy.
It's a sense of responsibility.

If you CAN make a million, it would be irresponsible not to. It's like when you go from your couch to the kitchen, if you CAN carry a dirty dish, or pick up a tissue from the floor on your way, it would be irresponsible not to.

Now, if you degrade the value of what an extra million is simply from the perspective of someone who doesn't need it: it's selfish.

Get that million. Fix that bridge in your town. Build that school. Buy a few houses and give them away.
Heck.... bet it all on black in a casino but make the journey count, document it, teach someone something, entertain and distract someone, allowing them to live through watching your adventure.

If you can, in a non obsessive way, without hurting anyone and with integrity: you must do it.
I don't know whether i leave the legacy or not like you guys said but i can live a life with no worries and do what i like :)
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