What is the maximum amount of money one can keep in an unverified paypal account ?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by raveeshm2, Jan 19, 2012.

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    Guys, i am currently having around $99 in my unverified paypal account. Today when i received $16 more from a money making website, paypal asked me to verify my account by giving bank details to accept the those $16. I am underage so i don't have any bank account or credit card. I have been using unverified paypal for a long time and this has happened for the first time. Does anyone know anything about it ?
    Is there some kind of limit on the money which we can keep in an unverified paypal account like $100 or something ? Please answer me soon. It is really a very urgent case as my payment has got stuck mid way.

    Thank you
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    May 5, 2011
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    well, I'm here, aren't I?
    I don't like keeping more than $100 in my verified account. Those snakes are always looking for a reason to "hold" your money. Your best bet would be to find a relative or (very close) friend that will let you verify using their info. That worked for me some years back.

    Personally, I have a debit mastercard for my Paypal account, and remove the funds 3-4 times a week to reduce the risk of losing money from any nonsense they may try to pull.
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    I don't believe there is a limit to the amount you can have in the account. The limits will be on sending and receiving. An unverified account can only withdraw $500 per month. You can't send any money until you lift your limits either. Accumulating money in your paypal account will be fine, but getting it out will be more difficult. The easiest way to get your account confirmed is to get verified. You have to do two out of three following things in order to get verified:

    1. Add and confirm a bank account
    2. Confirm your social security number
    3. Link and confirm your debit or credit card

    You should be able to confirm your social security number right away. Then, depending on your age, you might be able to get a bank account even if you're under 18. My daughter is 17 and has a checking account with a debit card as well. If not, see if your parents will help you get one set-up whether it's in your name alone or in both your parent's names and yours. Shouldn't be too difficult for you to do.
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    Get a VCC or prepaid. I'm 17 so I haven't got a card either, I ordered an Orange prepaid card (UK based) and verified my eBay and PayPal.