What is the Future of Chain Networking Link Building?

Discussion in 'Link Building' started by mrxinbollywood, Nov 15, 2010.

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    Hi Friends

    Today my discussion is about Chain Networking Link Building Strategy and its Future?

    I think you must all know abt Chain Networking of Products like amway, modicare, all health products etc..

    What happen if we do link building in that way.

    Like i say.

    Let we create 5 articles related to our website, where we will place our main website link with keyword only.

    Then we will create 25 web 2.0 blog websites , where each 5 web 2.0 blog will linked to one article url with keyword.

    Then we will create 125 do follow forum profile, where each 5 forum profile will linked to one web 2.0 blog url with keyword.

    Then we will submit RSS feed of each article + web 2.0 websites + do follow forum profile to different RSS Aggregatior website.

    And also we will bookmarked all 155 url in different social bookmarking websites.

    what type of result we can expect through this method?

    If any one tried , please post their view.
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    I think it will be ok if we do this link building in some long time period, not at once.