What is the effect of order cancellation to play store ranking?

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by crestfallen, Jun 22, 2016.

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    Hello everyone,

    I have an app that got into the top 20 search result of my primary single word keyword in just two months. All white hat and I dare say users really do love the app. I only have 15 ratings but 14 of that are 5 stars and only 1 four stars. Out of the 15 ratings there are 9 absolutely awesome reviews.

    When I got to the top 20 my installs were 10 a day (this is a paid app). Then I had order cancellations. When I get order cancellations my apps goes missing for a couple of days, its not even in the top 100 of search results. During that time I will average 2 installs a day.

    It will come back to the top 20 and then there will order cancellations again! and gone again from the search results.

    Does order cancellation have that large effect, if any, to play store ranking? Honestly it almost feels like sabotage.

    Please any idea on what is happening? Thanks :)