What is the deal about copyright infringement with Images?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Bisturi, Feb 22, 2012.

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    I was reading Warrior Forum to have a few laughs and read an interesting thread about using images on your site. The guys there went ballistic and claim that you will get in shitload of trouble for using copyrighted images and all that. I understand this but I have a question.

    I like to post on a daily basis and it is difficult to find royalty free images on my my topics. Likewise, I simply do a Google Image search and check if the pic is explicitly copyrighted. Of course, most of the time I grab the pic from a site which is grabbing the pic the same way I do so there is no sure way to know if you are infringing or if it is copyrighted or what. Moreover, good luck finding celeb pics which are royalty free and look at least OK.

    What should I expect if someone sees their pic on my site? I have installed Adsense so I am obviously now making money (albeit pennies). I am aware that if one doesn't have a commercial site, the penalty can be less, depending on the mood of the owner of the image. Now that I have Adsense, however, I am sure I am infringing like a king (commercial purposes).

    How do image owners approach this issue? Do they normally just ask you to remove it (which I gladly will) or can they sue you automatically for just having their pic on your site, even if you just have a small blog with some Adsense? I have read some horror stories.

    I am sure many of you guys know about this or have experience and have something to say.
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    Do you know what "royalty-free" means? They are easy to find and cheap to buy. There are also several free image sites available.

    Some of the people I develop sites for are photographers. Expect complaints and DMCA directly to Google, DMCA's served on your hosting company, and if you are in North America or the EU even possible C&D and lawsuits. One particular photographer I've worked with in the past can get incredibly obsessed, and successfully sued two infringers last year. Getty images will track you down and definitely sue.

    Don't be dumb. There are lots of ways to get free images with just a tiny bit of work and research.