what is the cheapest online store with IDEAL watch replicas?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by leipeic, Jan 25, 2009.

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    mhmmmm, i need to buy 1 good replica of a omega ^_^ but dont want to pay 300 usd do you know the best store?

    BIG thanks :):confused:
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    Mate I can help you with this. I have access to many good replica watches here and there are 3 quality levels. Tell me the model you are seeking and I can source it for you. I have several Omega models and they start around $50. exact replicas it is the quality though eg digital automatic waterproof etc prices range from $50-$200 dependent on grad . I have replicas of most well known names and these watches sell for around 200% markup on most websites. I am an Australian based in the Philippines and they are the best quality replicas I have seen. I can send you some photos of models you want. If you give me a good rep and testimonial I will supply first ones at cost you just pay shipping.
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