What is the best way to rank easily

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Aug 2, 2019
I am a beginner actually. So i want to know about ranking easily. Could you please give me a suggestion?
It's pretty easy to determine you are a beginner by your question.

There is no easy or quick way to rank anymore. If I were you I would start with keyword research and then write some really good content. After that learn about internal linking and implement it on your website. Once that is completed learn about backlinking and start acquiring backlinks to your content.

You should be able to get this done in a few months if you put in the effort and stay diligent.
Make sure you have really good on-page optimization in place. One thing is a must - make sure your content size and quality matches for better with the size and quality of the top 10 Google search result pages or else your page will face Blacksheep effect.

Go search your top competitors in Ahrefs and see what type backlinks they have and from where.

If they have PBNs list mostly, go for it.
If they have niche edit links mostly. go for it.
and Likewise for any other type.

Do better than them and rank :)
1. Buy an auctioned domain and build site on that
2. Buy PBN links from one of the many PBN sellers on here
3. Rank & profit
There's no such thing as ranking easy for beginners. Either way, everyone would be doing SEO.

However, you can be due diligent by not making the mistakes people have made before. You can do that by reading here in the forum and asking around(not stupid questions like this one though).

You have some of the best guides about SEO here in the forum.

This is a good one to get started - https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/3-years-on-bhw-the-only-seo-guide-thats-worth-your-time.873651/
Choose keywords that have no competition. Ranking for those keywords won't bring you any money most likely, but if you want easy rankings that is the way to go.

if you want to rank for commercial keywords there will be competition and you have to stand out in order to rank high
In Google the only "easy" way is to grind it out over a long period of TIME. But while easy, this isn't fast at all. Otherwise if you want fast you need niches/keywords with zero competition... but those will yield you virtually no traffic... which will require you to do that work in BULK... which is a lot of effort.

If you want EASY then you need to move on from Google and look at other avenues such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc...

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