What is the best way to promote my site?

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    I'm not sure where this should go, so I put it here since the whole idea is to make money...LOL

    Anyway, I got actually legitimate work from home opportunity that I want get leads to. Obviously CL is the best place to go, but as it has become so difficult and expensive (paid ads, PVA's, proxies etc) I'm looking for a better way to promote the site.

    I have xrumer which I"m using to accumulate backlinks, so eventually that should help my SEO ranking, but I need to do more..much much more...to the tune of about 1500-2000+ per week..to eventually (on average of course) reach my goal.

    I've used a service on here that delivered 1000 leads per day, but they were from very gerneral ads, so they didn't convert well enough to justify the price...(don't get me wrong, the service provider, who is a member here, deliverd well above what he promised in volume....)

    I know the business model works, I just need a fresh view on how to "get it out there"

    Any ideas?

    All input is appreciated!!


    I have a little money and 4 hours or so per day I can work with.