What is the best way to post affiliate links in Quora?


Apr 27, 2016
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Currently, I am using the pretty links plugin to redirect affiliate links.

I am looking for something which directly redirects visitors to my affiliate links. Bitly does not work.

Any other short links or redirects which can be successful?

I have multiple profiles, So, is it a good idea to have the same affiliate link on all profiles?
You can get a domain name and redirect to your affiliate link
A decent landing page or blog post is the best way
Answers do get flagged if you spam links often
Quora's traffic is all about value, if you can provide value, you can get traffic, i used to write an article that answers the question and at the end of it, i tell them for example "visit this website to get the best weight loss product", or i post the link inside the article if i am talking about the product in the answer, always make sure to post valuable answers, don't try to make a long answer, a short one will do the trick, and include as many keywords as you can in the article so you can rank in SERPS in the long run.
Well did you have any succes promoting affiliate links in there ? As i use in the past but quora hate links and they delete them
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