What is the best way to optemize a new, low keyword competition, website? (Total noob here

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by permanentpeace, Jun 6, 2012.

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    I am helping me dad with his website, and there are certain keywords i would like to have him rank for on google that would help out his business a lot. After using Google's Adword tool, the keywords i'm looking to ranking for have a range of between 1500-50000 searches for globally and in the US a little less. What would be the best way to optimize the website without having to spend a lot of doe. If anyone can provide guidance, i would really appreciate it.

    Thank you all!
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    Start with onpage.

    -Title tags, header tags, meta descriptions, alt tags should use your keywords. make sure you don't duplicate any of these as you will get a penalty.
    -Canonicalization, make sure that is set up properly.
    -Content, generate unique relevant and new content - on every page - as well as setting up a blog as a subdirectory of your site (i.e. www-dot-mysite-dot-com/blog)
    -HTML and XML Site maps
    -URL structure should contain keywords and not have a bunch of weird numbers and symbols in it
    -add schema-dot-org tags
    -make sure your page load speed is good

    -build links in a white hat manual setting
    -go for high quality links
    -there is a lot more info about link building on the forums

    good luck!
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    It's not just optimizing the website (on-site SEO), but you also have to do off-site SEO (i.e. get backlinks with the proper anchor text, keep in mind it has to be varied).

    Searching around the forums will yield you a LOT of information on this subject, so it'll save you time instead of waiting for replies on this thread. Although a quick summary would be:

    - On-site SEO: Build high quality relevant content, and post it on your website from time to time (keep it fresh). Don't over do with keyword stuffing, but do make sure to include your targeted keywords in your text (both title and body).
    - Off-site SEO: Create backlinks to your website - probably something high quality (articles, reviews, guest posts, etc.). Then build lesser quality (but still okay) backlinks to the websites that you've made to link to your website and so on. The easy shortcut to this is to build a private link network, but that's pretty advanced and expensive stuff IMHO.
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    As a beginner, you might want to consider using WordPress and installing several SEO plug-ins designed specifically to help with your optimization effort. Additionally, it's important to have relevant content with around a 2 to 3% keyword density.

    Try and get a few high quality backlinks to begin with. With recent Google algorithm changes, massive backlinks isn't that important. Just be sure to mix up your anchor tags a little.
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    title tag and other meta tags are important and the content that should have to be SEO optimized. Proper use of keywords should be applied.
    you should use white hat techniques. try to do them manually. if you have budget then hire someone to do that for you. in case of link building care about quality link building only.