What is the best way to make a bookmark for Foreign products ? Thanks :o)

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    Hi there ! ;)

    A several trusting people kindly advices me to make my articles promoting my
    French products with the anchor text in French and all the rest in English.

    But what about bookmarking ? How could I build a bookmark the best way for French product but with English content :

    As the title is the anchor text, should I have to write it in French ? (and the description in English)
    Would it be accepted/moderated by BM websites ?

    And about the keywords, do I have to write them in English or French ?

    In a few words, what do I have to write/fill in French and what do I have to write/fill in English ? ;)

    I?m about to purchase bookmarking services for multiple Youtube videos url?s so I don?t want to spend money for nothing or bad results :rolleyes:

    Thanks everyone ! :D