what is the best way to index 1000's of inner pages?


Feb 7, 2010
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i have a client with a huge website, i need to index 1000's of inner pages, what is the best auto solution?
Submitting a sitemap would be the first step if you haven't done so already.

Then you could bookmark them, and have them pinged.
You can use scrapebox to ping those pages and also submit the sitemap.
Best way to let Search Engines naturally index the inner pages is to flow the PR juice to the relevant important topic pages. So, if you have a PR5 homepage .. use nofollow and **************** attributes to distribute the PR juice. Check you google analytics stats to see what pages are not getting the love and then provide those pages with some PR.

This is the most natural and search engine friendly method to do the task. Pinging several pages at once will seem spammy and get the SE to put a yellow flag. This is the method used by all the big websites, blogs , e-commerce sites etc.

I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, You are welcome to PM me.
hey dasernent

I have a quick question too .I already asked that question but not get perfect answer

I haven't submit my site map I know its my big fault

but my question is some time Google index my pages and some time de-index then index and now again deindex

can i use sitemap in header of main page and submit it to webmaster to solve porblem ?
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