What is the best url shortener?

bitly is the best... or you can install your own on a free host ;))
Monojump is great because it lets you put multiple links into one short link, plus redirect based on country code, mobile devices, etc.

Never heard of them before. Is this a capability Yourls has? I refuse to use a hosted redirect service because I want to control my links. Do you know of any solutions that provide this?
affiliate link>>> domain redirect >>> tinyurl>>>goo.gl>>>bit.ly

You can make your own link

by now it starts to be blacklisted by all most popular websites so if you are doing a big website with 3456 aff links i realy dont recommand to use this cause you will have to start all over again in a few weeks / months

have a nice day

I use cd.vg hd.vg and cbs.so for email marketing. you can bulk upload your affiliate links.
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