What is the best tool of Black hat?

Tools are nothing if you lack strategy.

Even a stone can be a killer tool if you know how to sharp it. I hope you see the analogy.
Scrapebox is the first tool you should get and master.....made a good chunk of money with the help of Scrapebox and Ahrefs.
Hi, what does Scrapebox do?I am new. Their website doesn't say much.
first welcome to BHW Mate
you can find anything at here just spent a time on research.
thankyou ❤️
The question is like saying, "which is the best ingredient to cook with"

It totally depends on what you are trying to accomplish

For all round "black hat tool" I'd suggest Micro Workers
Hi, what does Scrapebox do?I am new. Their website doesn't say much.
It does alot.... that's the beauty of SB.....I used it mostly for scrapping, crawling and filter/clean domain lists. But if you master it you can do some sneaky BH shit with it.
I think it will depend on how u need to make
I would recommend Google search console and Ahrefs.


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