What is the best time for 301 redirect?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by blackwarriormonster, Oct 7, 2015.

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    Hi Friends,

    Nice to meet you again in this great forum :)

    I have a question: ) let's say I created a new site (new domain) for about 1 month, i have created some web 2.0 and bookmarking backlinks, its TF is 9 now,
    I deside to purchase an expired domain with TF 20+ to 301 redirect to my site, then boost the expired domain with GSA, the questions are following:

    1) Is this way a correct way?

    2) Should I redirect it to my money site at once after I purchase it then boost it with GSA, or after I create some links by GSA for 1-2 weeks then redirect it to my money site?

    3) My competior which rank 1st in Big G, he created several sites with expired domain, then every site with about 30 expired domain redirect to it, many sites are rank in 1st page, if I only redirect 1 site to my money site, is it too less? I wonder can my site rank his so many sites :(

    4) Should I devise some links beside web2.0 and bookmarking, such as PBN or other type links to my site? What types of the links should I devise to my site :)

    Any kindly friends could explain for me :)

    Big Big Big Thanks!!!
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    Those times are long over...You can't 'boost' anything with GSA, but you can kill a PBN domain with GSA.