What is the best strategy for PBN sites to link to a “money" site?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by chaddjohnson, Mar 9, 2015.

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    Let's say I'm building my own private blog network which will have 10 - 20 unique sites, each with unique content on different class C IPs. Each site will link to a main "money" site. Each site will be in blog format, with one post per day. These will be photo blogs, so each post will contain a gallery of photos.

    From my reading, I understand PBN sites should link to other sites sites (external to the PBN) besides the "money" site. I'm trying to figure out when and where to link. For SEO, what would be a better strategy?

    1. Link to one or two external web sites every blog post.
    2. Link to one or two external web sites every few posts.
    Also, as far as linking to a "money" site (which contains many additional galleries not on the blog sites),

    1. How often should blog posts link to the "money" site? Every 10 posts? Or only a few times across the entire site?
    2. Should blogs link to the "money" site on every page, say, in a sidebar? Or only in blog posts?
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    there is no perfect way, couple external links on your homepage is more than enough
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    Avoid putting too many links to your money site which can result in developing footprint.
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    Just make it look natural. It's not rocket science. Sick back and take a look at yourself as a visitor.
    You have one link to one site, it's going to look suspicious.
    You contine to link to one specific site it looks suspicious.
    Change up the keywords you use. Change up the page syou link to. Change up other sites you link to.