what is the best payment gateway for dropshipping (alternative to paypal)

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    Jan 5, 2015
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    I've just decided to start a dropshipping business from Aliexpress. I am new at this and I'm a complete noob but I'm determined to learn.

    Is it okay if I use my personal paypal to accept payment from customers? But i don't want them to see my name on it. Do I upgrade to business paypal account? But i don't have a business name and I don't have tax forms just in case they ask.

    I've heard paypal horror stories from dropshippers at Ebay, they said that paypal holds their funds for 21 days or more until you ship your products to your customers. I'm worried that I might encounter this in the future, I don't have a credit card or enough funds to order from Aliexpress to ship to my customers. I only have 50 dollars buffer in my debit cardjust in case paypal holds my money. Is this problem only for Ebay dropshippers because I'm planning to use shopify.

    What is the best payment gateway that doesnt hold your money? I need cashflow asap to order from aliexpress.
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