What is the best on page white hat SEO trick to rank main keywords on landing page?


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Nov 18, 2018
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I have 3 main keywords that I have to rank for my client
1. Ghost producer 2.Ghost production 3. EDM Ghost producer

My question is, What is the best on-page practice to rank the main keyword on the landing page?
I have taken 2 examples of 2 different websites.

1. First example - Y G P platform

Write the main keywords content on the landing page with h1 and h2 tag?
(But if I write main keyword content on the homepage then I can't write more,
I have to write limited words content so that the home page should look good and nice. )

Example Like the below-given image ( screenshot is taken from [yourghostproducers(.)com] )


2. Second example - the ghost platform

Make different pages for each keyword and link those pages from the home page footer with an exact keyword anchor?
(In this option, I can write more about the target keywords and also I can place the keyword in the URL)

like the below-given image (screenshot is taken from [theghostproduction(.)com] )


As per my thinking, I should go with option 1 because I think If I go with the second option then instead of my home page the other pages will rank for the main keyword in the SERP.

But what has happened is surprising for me,
The ghost pro - who has used the second method is ranking the main keywords for the home page not for other created pages.

I am only considering the On-page SEO not the OFF page.
But, even If I see the off-page then I found the less ranking platform Y G P has very good backlinks and
also good other ranking factors then second platform the ghost pro.

Please tell me which method is better on the 1st or 2nd and also tell me why?