What Is The Best Host/Registrar For Ewhoring/CL?

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by ifwearner, Sep 12, 2009.

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    Ok so I got a couple complaints from people smart enough to complain to the right people about my ewhore landing pages. Then the company sends me a ticket saying its against their AUP. I state the email is not sent from our IP, but they say since our domain is in the email its still against the AUP. So I'm wondering what hosting you all use for your CL LPs, particularly what Cash U is using since I'm sure they get mass complaints on the regular. I tried signing up for
    but I'm having a problem getting my domains set up over there and staying online through the ftp and such, idk if the vps is oversold or what. But I need a reliable solution that isn't gonna threaten me every time someone wants to whine and that won't have downtime so all my shlubs are hitting an error page for being down.

    Any solid ideas?
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    blacklevelhosting isnt on a vps, its a dual quad core xeon dedicated server, it however is on chinese bandwidth, so there will be issues with that no matter how good the server is, report your issues to cyp and he will look into it
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    I can pick up these hosting requests. Where do you prefer to be hosted? UK, US, or ?