What is the best freelance site?


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Jun 29, 2010
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I was thinking about freelancing to build up some money so I can start SEO.

Elance is spoken of often. But sometimes the most popular isn't the best, which is why I wanted some suggestions.

It would be nice if there was no fee (well, except for the cut they take out), an escrow system, and people paying more than 7 dollars for articles; even to newbies.
are few freelancing sites.
Every site has pros and cons.
Try these. No harm

PS : there is no freelancing site which has no fees
Is there a place where I can read the pros and cons?
And you also mentioned that it costs money to get started on all freelance sites?

I guess my dream has been crushed now.
Many freelance sites are filled with jackasses who take upfront payments and run away. Try picking those who have reviews and can show you the job is done before asking for your money. I have yet to find a good freelance site.
I want to write articles, not buy them, but thanks for the advice.
I'm a content writer and have used most of those sites mentioned above to good effect BUT, on the flip side of what millhugz said, there are too many chancers who take the articles without paying.

I find that having a solid set of sample articles (already published on eZine, articlesbase etc) and find a niche which you like and go direct to company websites themselves. I've just landed a great one recently in a topic which is very much my hobby AND they said after the first article that they would send a contract through for 12 months worth of work. Bonus!

If you do go for the freelance websites, only do around 5-10k words before payment if they won't pay upfront. Stipulate that if work is not paid for that they still belong to you and have a blog with Adsense running to use the articles if they don't pay. I'm sure the seasoned BH's could think of better ways to protect themselves, but for now that works for me :)
fiverr maybe? or related to fiverr : tenbux, gigbucks, and dealerr
Not being the wordsmith myself I appreciate sources to go to that can produce. Thx
Freelancer allows you to post a project for free. I personally like Elance or Scriptlance better though.
I've used odesk roughly 6-7 times and only had one issue with a scammer from Brazil. But other than that I would definitely use the service again.
Odesk is the best. you can use elance too. Get a freelancer is a crap, thats what I think.
Odesk is Excellent site
Elance is good
Rentacoder is SoSo
Getafreelancer is average site
most of the websites mentioned are good but the important thing that you should know is the feedbacks, the more you have a positives one the more you get better jobs and high payment.
odesk is the best definitely, and their support team is great as well! The only problem is, they change the design of the site too much, and every change it makes it more "shitty and shitty" and pain for the eyes xD
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