What is the best easy and fast tehnique to get goot SERP'S?

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    Mar 30, 2009
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    I am newbie here, but i work like a webmaster from 3-4 years. I learn a lot of seo optimization, but i am on the last step again and can't get good results. I have about 15 websites and 30 blogs. The most populary niche in my sites is flash games, i have about 10 sites for flash games. Can anybody share good tips and tehniques to get goot serp position? I exchange the links between sites, but the lot part of the sites is very new and sites are very young.. and the links are not powerfull like others, can i can get more links to my sites, can i can get more traffic.. what is the best easy and fast tehnique who you make when you start new site, how you giving the starting kick for you new sites? I will be realy helpful if anybody share expirience.

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