What is the best country to live in?

Don't live in single place or you will get bored. Stay a couple of months here and there. If bored get back to Lithunia. I live in Summer country and I hate it absolutely like you guys hate winter. Don't go for summer country. It's all momentary psychology. If you want to settle down in one country other than your country of origin, Canada is best I think. Climate, life style, income are attractive. People there are great.
Anywhere where you can make a good amount of money and enjoy it and have peace of mind would be the best place to live!
I will go and live any country you like. I will also work for you.
Just take necessary steps to give me a permanent visa which will allow me to live and work for you.
I am from Bangladesh and I don't want to live here anymore.

Climatically(so high temperature), politically(fake democratic ruler) this country is being fu**ed day by day
I would love to live in Bali for a few months and soak in the weather, artifacts, and waterfall hot spots and live in a nice little affordable accommodation. It is definitely on my top 5 to go to places.
I would go to south east asia where many internet nomads go to work, sleep around, eat good food, enjoy the beach, at safe and extremely affordable places (airbnbs, hotels, motels). Would highly recommend Chang Mai region in Thailand where it's surrounded by nature and artists and people are welcoming to tourists.
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