what is the best business to start with off line

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    Hi all
    Can you offer me some advice I have built a wordpress web site around a keyword "flats to let in gateshead" and also have the domain I am sitting at about 8 on the first page but can't seem to get any higher.

    This seems to lower a position to try to sell advertising space Ive started to think maybe renting is a to competitive field at the minute.

    Has anybody got any advice on a easier business to target that's worked for them
    Any advice most welcome
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    Apr 9, 2010
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    ho knows
    To get higher rankings paid press release would definately help you do do that
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    I took a look at flatstoletingateshead.co.uk/--is that you're

    If it is, it's ranked in the #1 position, at least from
    California USA.

    I am not familiar with your keyword term, and I didn't do
    any research on it, but I can tell you what has worked for
    my client's rankings.

    Definitely do some online Press Releases.

    Also consider creating a Google Places listing and remember
    to link your website to the listing. Remember to get
    citations, positive testimonials and use your keyword
    where-ever you can.

    Also add a video on your website that is also on YouTube.
    Two is even better. Video continues to be a good way to

    Also consider adding an email capture on your front page.
    You can offer a free report in return for their emai. Keep
    your email list informed of new developments. Now you
    have a way of making offers from the clients who
    advertise on your website for a percentage.

    I don't know how much you know about SEO, but if you
    don't, it might be worth paying someone else to do it for

    I don't think you should give up on your idea to sell
    advertising space. Although it may be competitive, once
    you've tweak your website, you'll have more customers
    than you can deal with.

    Wish you the best...
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    Home Page:
    Great SEO, pretty website, nice flood of visitors, sell banners, make money.
    This is how it works in general :)
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    You need some better quality, relevant backlinks. From what I can see from YSE your backlinks are either profile links on shitty Russian forums or blog links from scrapebox-raped blogs. The fact you've still managed number 8 tells you that not much effort is required to get to the top.

    Write some articles on ezine, distribute some proper press releases, get a few backlinks from relevant forums from doing actual posts - not software like xrumer etc and a little social bookmarking. Doing 5-10 of these links a day properly and slowly increasing the amount will get you moving soon enough.

    I'd remove all links in the footer below your homepage anchor text link. Also use the keyword in an alt tag for your images.
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    Jan 4, 2009
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    You could work that site up to No:1 without a lot of work but I have to ask,
    What the fuck are you doing it for? To make a couple of quid flipping it?
    It's a dead site that has no use what so ever to anyone searching for a flat
    in Gateshead.
    You're not even collecting leads.
    Not one listing.
    If you're going to create and rank sites to sell on, at least make the working
    The value is not in the position but how much income it's deriving.
    You should make that site the place where flat lookers in Gateshead come
    to look for a flat.
    How many uniques are you getting a day?
    I would mirror listings from lower ranking sites.
    My home page would have attractive rental offers on it.
    If you want to sell it you're going to need stats, stats that people
    stayed on it and stats that people clicked links to veiw properties.
    That site could be a very profitable asset if you position it right and
    think like a letting agent and not like a site flipper.

    Please people, when creating sites for offline businesses. Create working
    sites, think like the business you want to sell it to. No:1 in the SERPS
    means shit if it ain't brining in business.
    Offline ain't like online. Just because you're No:1 doesn't mean
    you'll get all the business.
    When people are shopping for a service they are far more choosy.