What is the best blackhat tools do you use?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by kecoaksaru, Nov 25, 2008.

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    Oct 4, 2008
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    I want to know all the best blackhat tools everyone use. Share your experience please..
    For me, the best tools I use is SENUKE, it's really help me for lot aspects of black hat tools
    Senuke can make mass account creation, can create mass article, mass video upload, mass wordpress mu blog creation and posting contents, mass bookmarking and mass rss submit The best thing I really like is senuke can create unique content by setting spinnable the words. I use Senuke to maintain my mass blog by bookmarking them and keep posting new content.

    Then I love bookmarking demon too, Bookmarking Demon can mass bookmarking at famous bookmark sites and has features to search a lot of bookmark sites, then we can mass bookmark them. Anyway, Bookmarking Demon can use spinnable content too.

    I like Link Whore too, it can spam to a lot of comment pages, guestbook, trackback url after we search them by its url finder.

    PRSTORM.. this tools is very simple, just mass ping to a lot of websites so our web will be listed in their refferal page. I like this, but it seems not too good anymore since google doesn't include some referral pages like awstat

    imacros.. it's not a blackhat tools, but with this tools we can record our browser job i typing, click button, click image/url, etc so we can do repeated job easily. But we'd better to edit the recorded script for getting better result.

    Those the best tools I use. What about you guys? Share me your experience and knowledge so we can learn more.
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