What is the best AdSense alternatives for the blogsopt site?

Md. Mahmudul

Oct 27, 2017
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Hello BW members,

What is the best AdSense alternatives for the Blogspot site?

I want to earn blogspot sites, I know AdSense is the number 1 add publisher. I need the alternative.
Hi, @Md. Mahmudul. I believe the best alternative for Google Adsense is Media.net. It is the best alternative in regards to ad types. It's created by Yahoo! and Bing. It also offers high paying ads. It is somewhat similar to Adsense too.

Even my suggestion for this was media.net. you can check it out..
What about facebook instant articles? I belive you can create them on blog spot too.
There are some alternatives such as media.net, infolinks, viglink but the earnings all depending on your blog's traffic, So focus to build your traffic high.
Best alternate for google adsense is properllerads, media.net, amazondisplay ads
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