What is the average return that you realistically hope to receive on each $1 invested?

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    What is the average return that you realistically hope to receive per $1 invested on either white hat, grey hat or black hat activities and what is your niche (not specific, just general category)?

    I am looking into the feasibility of using funding sources for bhw members who might be interested in having their activity funded (by silent investors). This would act as a source of potential income for the silent investor as well as the bhw member being able to upscale their activities, or merely turn them into reality in some cases, and earn substantially more too.

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    This is a very broad question and I don't think you can really answer this as it depends on your own knowledge of programming as most black hat techniques are made much easier when automating processes. The more you know about automating web related tasks, the more money you can make per dollar invested, assuming that you are paying for something such as having someone else write software, if you can do it yourself its just your time that you are investing
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    its all depends on the overall conversion rates you are receiving through your online business and your opt in rates and traffic in comparison to your advertising and marketing budget.

    I have been averaging a 3:1 ratio at the moment with the business I have built leveraging the CCPro marketing platform and WMI product line

    through a marketing co-op that myself and Michael Force are building using his sales funnel and chain of sites we are looking at an 800% ROI at the moment. we are in our first month of testing to get the cost down and conversions up.

    Testing and tweaking is key.

    feel free to contact me on skype if you would like to talk more as i am unsure the purpose of this thread.

    It appears you wish to invest into the marketing budget of online marketers sales funnels to benefit from their ROI.

    I do not know many people that have done this however i do believe it can be very powerful as a solid business is truly a place to simply cycle funds and receive a ROI through your marketing budget.

    I am currently developing a massive SEO campaign that is being prepared to blanket an entire market that is going to boost conversions and create a large opportunity for outside investors.

    Skype.id kameron.george

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    If you are looking to fund someone, I would say be wise and careful, because there is a lot of bullshitters, gamblers, and scammers. You should look for some type of real proof such as a video and login details. Do not just accept pics or screenshots as proof because those can be easily faked.

    Even if the above is good, you would need to know if the person you is working with is honest, trustworthy, and have a way to recieve your money. You don't want to fund someone who won't keep their end and run away with payment and the project's revenue.
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    None. I invest my time, not my money.