What is my site worth? Official thread!

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Hello, not sure if this thread is still active but thought I'd ask for an evaluation here again as the quote on my last site was very helpful and it successfully sold on Flippa!

I have a fairly new Amazon affiliate site that I'm thinking about selling as money is a bit tight right now, though I'm not sure if it would be better to wait it out to increase its value.

Site age:

created beginning of December 2015


All organic, didn't start coming in properly until May.
  • May: 914 page views
  • June: 2420 page views
  • July: 2120 page views
  • August: 2949 page views

Earnings (all Amazon Affiliate sales)
  • May: $65
  • June: $200
  • July: $250
  • August: $265
  • This month: on track to make $240+ (currently $66)

Thanks for taking the time to take a look at this, will appreciate the feedback!
I would like to buy a website but have no idea of what would be a fair price. I don't like to advertise the domain here, can you send me a PM?
I bought a deleted domain two weeks ago.
It's EstiBot Value: $ 930 USD


Does it have any value?
I would like to know for how much I could possibly sell it since I'm kind of in a need of money right now and wouldn't mind making a new one at a later date.

Amazon Monetized.
~200-310 UV Daily
200$+ Monthly, increasing every single month.

September stats:

Current Month Stats(October):

Money made so far:
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Can someone please tell me the value of this website : freshasfuck.net ? I want to sell it, it's two months old with almost 140k uniques. Also, some advice on where to sell it would be appreciated thanks.
I have a new classifieds website earning 20$ adsense/month, and cost of running is 15$, 100visitors/day
What can I expect?
So I'm looking to start selling a few domains(some with sites some not). These domains have stats as shown in the image attached. I'd like to know how much they are worth before I auction them or try to find a buyer.
culsy.org - Just have the domain, check stats.
libidoenhance.com - Domain and site, how much do you think they are worth(together and separate).
topinternetrankings.com - Domain and site, site has sales(less than 1k per month).
rayban-outlet.cc - Domain, check stats
tomsoutlets.cc - Domain, check stats
buyafollowers.org - Domain, check stats

I'd really appreciate it if you could help me put a price on these.
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View attachment 84831
View attachment 84832

Sorry for repeated images.
- If your site has revenue below $50 per month, it's not worth much.

- Average revenue for the last year - $3000, lately gone up by ~20%
- the age of the site - 2 years
- the main traffic sources - 90-95% organic
- the main monetization method - affiliate, direct banners
- and a brief overview of the site - news and reviews

Interested in knowing what you think would be the site's worth. Thanks!
I have a brand new niche website to sell. Interested Person PM me
- Average revenue for the last year - $3000, lately gone up by ~20%
- the age of the site - 2 years
- the main traffic sources - 90-95% organic
- the main monetization method - affiliate, direct banners
- and a brief overview of the site - news and reviews

Interested in knowing what you think would be the site's worth. Thanks!
I would say that it's worth around $5000. I am not an expert in this though, that's just my opinion.
Hello, thank you for this useful post.

For warez website, can we apply the some process to get the value? I want to sell my animes warez website but I have absolutely no idea about the price.
I have a site that I started on April, 2016 but it started getting visitors since August.

Revenue: 810/Month (Last three months average)
Expense: 10 USDs monthly on simple shared hosting and domain name.
Daily UVs: 2500 avg.
Hours Spent Weekly: 2 hours a week is more than enough.
It's a chat site, I just assign admins (and they work for free) and they take care of the chat room.

Adsense is the only revenue source and primary traffic source is India (Google.co.in)

Some issues: Not mobile responsive.

How much should I accept for this site?
Hello, I'm sorry. But I am newbie and I really need help not to over / underprice things.
Could someone tell me how much are my domins worth?

zenworld org
tvshows-online-now org
socialflip org
matureworld org
generaldiscussion org
fatalsystemerror org
(Excluded . (dot) just in case. :) )

Hi everyone,

I already posted this in another thread but I've told to repost it here in this official thread. I hope some of you can help me to know how much my site should cost.

My site niche: h@ck
Site age: 8 months
(semrush): > 1000 kws in top 100 positions. The site is ranking from 3-7 for some kws that have 4k local US searches per month.
(google analytics): 2k unique visitors last month & keep on increasing. Main traffic source: organic traffic. Currently 170 uv daily. 60% US traffic.

I started to make money with CPA last week and already earned $23 in those 6 days. The rankings keep on improving, so the visitors are increasing daily as well.

I have spoof referered the traffic so that the traffic appears to be from one of my "white" niche sites thanks to some suggestions from a member on this forum...

Now could you please tell me how much my site worth? I'm in need for some urgent cash so if the price is good I want to sell it. Otherwise I'll keep it to earn some extra bucks on autopilot.

Thank you very much in advance!
7 year old photography tutorial website
150 UV per day
$15 per month adsense revenue
$275 average amazon kindle book sales per month ( multiple books written & collecting revenue )
Just needs a little TLC on the blog and I think it could get up to $100-$300 per month on adsense - last article was written 3 years ago
1100 keywords ranked with google

What's it worth?
I own a "seasonal" e-commerce. I turn off ad-words for January, February only.
2016, I had about 122k visits (89k unique) from Paid search, 25k (19k unique) from Organic Search, 13k (10k unique) Direct.

First year, it made 110k revenue.
Second year (2016) it made 812k revenue.
I'm about to start the third year, and am expecting to make ~2M revenue.

There's no inventory and everything is dropshipped. It takes 5 hours a week to do the work.
net profit is around 15%.

What do you think it's currently worth, and what will it be worth if I can get to my target of $2M in sales this year.
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