What is my #1 pos. furniture site worth?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by MyWayOr, Dec 8, 2011.

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    I have recieved a #1 position with my kitchen furniture site in local language. This search gets 4400 exact match searches per month and I get about 40 local unique visitors per day. But unfortunately my site has no history and credibility, so its hard to convert and I do not have time and money for furniture business. So I'm thinking about selling it to some established company that sells kitchen furniture.

    I used rather light colored SEO (no xrumer, scrapebox etc.) so it should stick at least in top 3 positions for a long time, if somebody does not fuck it up

    My country is so small that you can count it as one region only, so one company can service whole country.

    Any ideas what could be the asking price?

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    Asking price would be more like what the company is willing to pay. In order to find out how much they're willing to pay you need to know a bit about their business.

    How many of the 40 visitors do you think will buy something? How much is their average revenue per purchase? Multiply number of clients with average revenue per purchase and you have a daily value.

    Then it's up to you to convince them that this will be a solid site for the next 1-2-5-10 years. The longer they think they'll get 40 visitors per day, the more money you can ask for. For starters you can shoot for 12 months multiple, but as I said, depending on how long they think they'll be getting that traffic you can ask for significantly more.
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    If you're selling to established companies in your niche, have a look at the paid (Google Adwords) advertisers, and contact them, as they have a marketing budget and may be interested.

    To sell to domainers, e.g. on something like Flippa/auction site, they'd need to see at least 6-12 months of traffic and income. Price can be anything from 6-12+ x (monthly income).

    Ranking a keyword is one thing, but converting into sales can take a lot more work.
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    Why sell it for a 1 off price? Why not sell SEO?

    You have done something most SEO providers have not done, you offer results the rest offer promises. No matter how many testimonials or case studies they post on their websites YOU have already proven you can rank that term in that niche!! A small business may offer 1 or 2000 for that, you can probably squeeze $500 or more per month from the same business and get them to sign a 6 month to a year contract.

    Try that approach and see how it works.