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    I set up a campaign a few days ago, with prosper202 etc.. What I've been doing is split testing ad copies and pausing the keywords which get less than 1% CTR. But I'm just muddled up about the whole process, is there any guide anyone knows of which shows you the best process for filtering out the good keywords and ads etc?
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    PPC is like adsense?

    If it adsense.. i just search for med comp kw with high cpc.
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    First, you need to target the right keywords. So many times I've taken over client campaigns and they just did not use the right keywords. In forums like these too, they say their keywords are targeted but they really are not. You need to think at a micro level, not a macro level. For instance, you don't sell shoes and bid on that term, which is macro, you bid on basketball shoes which is more specific.

    Let's assume you got the keywords right. I'll assume you are also segmenting into proper ad groups but that may not be the case, another common problem. The thing you are doing wrong is picking some variable (1% CTR) and using it as your guide to make decisions. If you do sell basketball shoes and bid on that term, why pause it because the CTR is below an arbitrary threshold? Click rate highly depends on position. Some niches will naturally be lower too, even the best of campaigns. So if that keyword is relevant, keep it.

    The key are your ads. You say you do ad testing. That's good. There's much more information however I don't have. The best is have two active ads at a time. Only one is not a test, at least not a proper one. More than two is too much. Also, you need enough clicks on each ad before deciding which is the better performer. At least 20 is not bad but more is better. That's for each ad. I highly doubt you had that many. If you did, you probably had irrelevant keywords or you did not segment them.

    You need to think like your prospects. What can you say in your ad that will attract attention? What are they looking for? Back to the shoes, if they can somehow make your game better, you need to say it, provided it's true and hopefully a competitor doesn't say the same thing. If that doesn't work, you find another angle. That's what testing is all about. The better performing ads are those getting highest CTR (taking into account positioning, but that's what QS is there for) as well as better converting (for the same landing page). Note you also need a high enough number of conversions for each ad. And while you're at it, test different pages.