What is easiest way to send targeted traffic to several different pages?

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    I have a niche site. Each page is optimized towards a KW phrase. I want to send traffic to each of these pages but they are not landing pages. (the goal is just to get people reading the blog)

    So I don't want to pay for "buying KWs" I want to pay for cheap but strongly related KWs.

    Am I going to need to create a campaign for each URL, find low cost but related KWs, and send them to each page. Like I would a normal campaign or is there an easier way to do this.

    Would using broad niche KWs and buying from DTX and sending them to 20 or so URLs work?

    Or do I need to go through each one of these URLs seperately, find low competition and cheap KWs in Long Tail Pro, and bid on them that way.

    Also, where is the best place to get traffic inexpensively. I use Google and Bing, should I just stick with them.

    if I have a a blog on mental health and the only thing I am selling on it is a panic attack cure, what is the cheapest way to get targeted traffic to my posts on depression, and co-occurrring disorders. I am already paying for traffic I expect to convert on panic attacks. I just want the other posts being read too.
    If I am promoting an alcohol recovery offer I might still want people to visit my pages on withdrawal and disease theory or neuroplasticity.

    What is the best/easiest way to get cheap traffic to related URLs that would have some sort of alcohol recovery banner on them.
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    Hello buddy, Your post reveal that you are trying to save your money on getting all type service here. If you want to create passive income campaign then you want to spend some money to get quality service what you are expecting.
    Getting traffic is simple by using low competition keywords. Once you done the site with well optimized and indexed then you go for social signals and building back links. Which help your site ranking up, once reach the top of search engine, then it will get real traffic constantly.
    If you have doubt on finding that type of easy keywords and building links let us know.