What is definition of unique content ?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by dizen, Jun 18, 2012.

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    I see duplicated content posted on daily basis on big sites like hufftington post , news sites and so on and they dont get penalized by Google?. What is the definition of unique content?

    Can I republish an article , rewrite first and last paragraph of the article and get away with the duplicate content penalty?

    What is the best tools to create unique content ...prefferably automated tool

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    What happens to others all the times it is called 'Double Standards' Them and US - The Rich and the Poor

    G do not have standards and morals they simply avoid penalizing the likes of Huff Post et al as they will squeal like the pigs they are as they are all dirty - as in you lay down with pigs and you get dirty! Welcome to the USA where they would never persecute the unfortunate like Rodney King RIP and they will never penalize duplicate content written about him by the mainstream press

    But if you are one of the masses G will PENALIZE YOU EVERYTIME FOR DUPLICATE CONTENT!
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    Brand vs Solo argument. People who manage business and have big brand competitors experience this type of stuff all the time. I suggest don't go on comparison spree like that. If you want to compare yourself with them, be a brand. If you want to be a solo, less popular brand seeking G attention, by all means go for unique content. You know what that is and how to get that.
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    If u copy someones work, you will have to do that in such a way that no one catches your copy.

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    You are missing the point between to two:

    Duplicated Content:
    Multiple copies of the same content on a website

    Syndicated Content:
    press releases & major publications syndicate news all the time however they have a LOT of unique content to back it up.

    The major factor is user experience. When you land on one of those sites you read multiple news articles every time you dont just bounce off.

    a website full of spun content, little traffic, spammy looking backlinks, high bounce rate. You get the picture?
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    The value of the original content in the promotion of the site can not be overestimated, given that the search engines when indexing and ranking of resources, above all, take account of its uniqueness. It is therefore necessary to know the answers to these questions:

    - Where to find unique content (where to find the sources of the literate and the rewriting of copyright);
    - What content is undesirable for the content of the site (and the threatened use);
    - How to observe the unique content and not be accused of plagiarism;
    - How to detect cases of unauthorized copying of the information and deal with them.

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    Unique content is content that has never been published on the web before in the exact same format nor will it be posted it in the future.web content that is user friendly as well as search engine friendly is considered quality content.