What is considered 'blackhat niche' ?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by blackhatsami, Oct 31, 2014.

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    I know i have made a post like this before but this is in more detail and hopefully makes more sense.

    So regarding the niches that have 'free' at the start of their title, if i was to upload a video around that topic for example 'free mario games 2014', and finally i was to spam the description with tags centered around my title. All it takes is 1 flag to get it removed.

    However on the contrary if i was to upload a video 'funny people falling' or something along those lines and spam the description box with tags centered around my title - the video stays put.

    Also it seems that when you DONT put any tags in a niche type like 'free mario games 2014' in description it would still be taken down with 1 flag. This seems to only apply to new videos otherwise old videos - 2weeks + would be taken down with 1 flag too.

    So my question: offering free product considered blackhat to youtube?
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    Obviously fake things (hacks, keygens etc) are blackhat for sure. However youtube doesn't care much if you don't put some kind of affilate link into your video or description. You can make 2 channels - 1 whitehat and the other one blackhat, promote whitehat channel withour ban risk and send traffic from it (for example via anotations) to the blackhat where you will put all your fake stuff.
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