What is Clickbank's Business Model?

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Yes, I am confused about it!

I visited their site and saw this:
[B]ClickBank's Business Model[/B]
ClickBank was founded on the idea that the Internet could be utilized to create a new and extremely effective marketing and distribution channel for digital products. ClickBank's success is the result of bringing three key groups together in a unique way:
[*]Product publishers who sell their intellectual property through the ClickBank eCommerce network;
[*]Affiliate Internet marketers, focused on promoting and advertising products to consumers worldwide in exchange for attractive commissions; and
[*]Consumers shopping for unique products not typically found in traditional channels.

But I still don't get it really. What is their "key point" or summarized meaning for their business model?
So the summary of their business model is:

  • The internet can be used as an effective marketing tool and distribution channel
  • Utilizing 3 key groups: Clients, Vendors, and Affiliates
is it?
I do learn about businesses and such... but CB's business model is explained vaguely, imo.
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