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What is "BLAST" with Scrapebox?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by keryanJames, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. keryanJames

    keryanJames Registered Member

    Jul 24, 2013
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    Dear BHW fellows,

    I bought Scrapebox two or three weeks ago. Unfortunately, only yesterday I have begun to learn about it, I was busy working on the website, writing quality articles, creating Web2.0 properties for tier 1. Now, time has come to apply BHV techniques.

    I have learnt how to get free proxies lists and test them in Scrapebox (no money to invest on VPS and private proxies :( yet) . I have made some tests to scrape websites based on footprints. In short, basic things. But before going further, I would kindly ask you to define in detail one word: BLAST. I see it everywhere but I am not sure to understand exactly what that means.

    For example, I do not understand how you can do the following (taken from the Search Engine Optimization 2013... posted by Kimi):

    1) Blast 150 social network posts to all Web 2.0 blogs created
    2) Blast 600 social bookmarks to Web 2.0 blogs, Social Bookmarks and Videos
    3) Blast 400 wiki backlinks to Web 2.0 blogs, Social Bookmarks and Videos
    4) Blast 3000 blog comments to Videos
    5) Blast 500 forum profiles to Videos

    For example, for 4), does it mean: using Comment Poster, post comments containing the target url on 3000 blogs?
    For the others, I do not know how to do that. Please explain step by step. Is it possible to do all of these kinds of blasting with Scrapebox?

    Please enlight me ! Thank you in advance!
  2. Duffers5000

    Duffers5000 Elite Member

    Apr 1, 2012
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    Blast just means throw lots of backlinks at something.

    If you have spent the time building nice manual web 2.0 properties to your site then I would keep doing that and not "Blast" anything
  3. Orbit143

    Orbit143 Senior Member

    Aug 8, 2010
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    It's a one run to post X comments to specified type of site (wordpress blog or whatever).
  4. mqs1000

    mqs1000 Power Member

    May 4, 2013
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    Scrapebox is a blog commenting program. So you would only be able to do #4 on that list. Yes it means set up Scrapebox to post comments containing the URL to that video. Blast is just a term meaning to quickly (or sometimes slowly) build a large amount of links towards a site or multiple sites.

    To do the other things on the list you would need software like SeNuke XCR or Ultimate Demon
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