what is better form of seo for blogs particular keyword or long keywords?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by innocent_kid, Apr 24, 2013.

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    Hey guys
    now i have figured out both type of seo for blogs and successfully achieved it on multiple different type of blogs but till now i have not been able to figure out which is better option to go for
    i mean in case of blogs you have lots of posts with lots of titles
    so should i go on indexing those pages and innerpage work so that inner pages get ranked for such long tails
    or should i go for particular keyword like "game of month" or somthing like that

    whcih one of both you think is better
    for both short nd long run
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    The type of keywords you target should be driven by the goals of your website. If you are selling a product or service, you should choose keywords that are both relevant to what you are selling as well as your content. If you are just monetizing a blog with ads, you should choose keywords that you can wrap relevant content around so that appropriate users are driven to the site and will see relevant ads.

    Keep in mind that in general, the more general the term, the broader the potential intent of the searcher. One word queries tend to be the most broad. For instance someone searching for the term "swimming" might be looking for any number of different kinds of information. They could be looking for swimming lessons, swimming suits, swimming pools, pictures of people swimming, or even how to spell the word swimming. Broad intent keywords may drive a lot of traffic to your site but it will not be targeted traffic. Whats the point in driving thousands of people to a site or appearing thousands of times in search if no one buys or visits. When you use more targeted phrases related to what you are offering on your site, traffic is of much higher quality. For instance the term "buy swimming suits" is very targeted. Visitors who arrive at a site after using that term to search for it have a very specific intent and are much more likely to convert if the site serves their needs.

    This class is pretty helpful,



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    Long tail keywords work best for me as do exact match domains I have had dynamo magician impossible co uk for a year now and not touched it really and it still sits on google page 1 :D
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    Try them all. You'll never know which of your sites google tends to love the most. Sometimes you can have a site that you neglect that Google tends to shoot up in the rankings and at times you can baby the crap out of site and it won't budge one bit.