What is best VPN tool when you have multiple reddit accounts?

Oct 30, 2016
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I have a bunch of reddit accounts and want to keep them maintained, but i am using cyberghost and it is really slow to change IP. What would you guys recommend if i want to log in and out of reddit accounts to comment quickly without negative impact?
I suggest to :

IPVanish VPN


Private Internet Access

CyberGhost VPN
Buy a bunch or private proxies in the market here.. This works best with Reddit I think
I'm using NordVPN and it's been good so far.

It's also ( said to be ) highly secure compared to other competitors.
Okay so i do have cyberghost VPN, maybe again i am just newb but the way i do it with cyberghost is log into account, comment, then i have to manually change the vpn which takes a bit of time (this is where my issue is i want something that basically instantly changes the ip with a click or is constantly changing it). Maybe i just am missing something so sorry if its a stupid question but whats the best way then to use cyberghost VPN to do the reddit accounts as quickly as possible
I recommend IPVanish VPN and CyberGhost VPN. They're both great and works well for me compare to other VPN.
Can someone educate me on cyberghost VPN, lets say i have multiple reddit accounts, what is the quickest way to switch teh VPN as currently I have to manually switch the VPN and it takes time. Is there some functionality i am missing?
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