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What is a strategy of getting ad CPM of 10$ on your site?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by NikoNikic, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. NikoNikic

    NikoNikic Regular Member

    Jul 25, 2015
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    Been searching for a while and have found bits of useful info like instead of using adsense to use CPM networks and propeller ads. I guess if we put 5 CPM ads in between article for us traffic avg CPM would be 1$ and avg CPM for propeller ad would be 3$ so that brings us at 8$ CPM, are these numbers reasonable?

    If you know of any case study or maximizing ad revenue metodes from bhw or from web related to this topic, link to it.

    Would appreciate if you shared your insights and experiences.
  2. TM87

    TM87 Registered Member

    Jul 25, 2017
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    I´m would also love to try this. I´m building 2 viral websites and need some god ways to get paid. I have some facebookpages that I want to use.

    But can´t you use Propellerads with adsence?

    I have been waiting for adsence to approve me for a few days now, but i´m tired of it now, and will but later today an adsence account.
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  3. lacenka

    lacenka Newbie

    Oct 17, 2014
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    There is a way to get approval from adsense very quickly that no one will tell you.. they keep it to themselves!